Find Affordable Waste Management Solutions

Find Affordable Waste Management Solutions

Waste container pricing in Houston, TX

Don’t let getting rid of junk be a painful process or take away from the appearance of your property. Rent a clean and professional-looking waste container from the waste management experts at MGM Waste LLC in Houston, TX. We offer a variety of competitively priced waste containers to home and business owners in the area.
Pricing is as follows for the first 15 days:

  • 10-yard container $320.00
  • 20-yard container $380.00
  • 30-yard container $485.00
  • 40-yard container $555.00

*Service is subject to rejection by driver.
*Fees will apply if any prohibited waste is found in container.

Rent your container and schedule service today

To arrange your waste container rental, delivery, replacement or pick-up, call 713-731-0204 today. The owner of MGM Waste LLC will drop off your container. After 15 days, we will come out to the location, pick up or swap out your container. If you want to keep the dumpster for longer than 15 days, you’ll be charged a daily fee.

Prices subject to change.